The foundation stone of Integral Philosophy (Integral Spirituality 2006) is the four quadrants (I, We, It, Its) each with their interior and exterior perspectives, then comes the developmental levels of consciousness, then lines of development, then states, types and shadow work. What I would like to see is this foundation stone of the eight (four inner, four outer) “primordial perspectives” include the basic “lines of development”, i.e. those of the head, heart and body.

As I see it, it is from the integration of these three basic ways of our relating to the world, that our human ‘beingness’ and development proceeds. Without this basic holism we are lost. This is obviously nothing new. But it is the development of our awareness of our thoughts, feelings and body (Consciousness, Love and Energy) and their integration that is fundamental in enabling the psychological development of moving through “levels of consciousness”, as well as experiencing different “states”.

At the moment, head, heart and body are just some of the “Lines of development” within the theory. But because they are the basic way through we relate and perceive the world, and the most important aspect of our development towards our destiny of returning to ‘God’, I think they need to be moved somehow into centre stage.

My suggestion is that each of the eight perspectives needs to be sub-divided into the head, heart and body. The inside of the personal “I” perspective (1#), is then seen through firstly the head / mind as about my experience and development of my mind, my understanding, my consciousness. Then my experience of my heart, my feelings, my emotional maturity and thirdly my experience of my body, its energy and fluidity and sensitivity. It seems fundamental to me that my experience of the spiritual, or anything else, is basically modulated through these three forms.

I guess here I am also saying that the spiritual does not have a line of its own, it emerges from some relative integration of the parts. But not sure about this.

The outer personal (2# perspective) becomes stages of consciousness (head), levels of maturity (heart), levels of energetic sensitivity / health (?) (body).

The inside of the “We” perspective (3#) is then where the mind / head are being concerned with communication, the heart aspect as in “I-Thou”, feeling connected etc. and the body or energetic aspect is seen most graphically in the experience of energy between people and within groups.

The outer “We” (4#) become, levels of cultural consciousness, levels of cultural maturity, levels of collective energy (?).

The “It” and “Its” perspectives are concerned with the external world rather than our experience. Perspective 5# perhaps becomes the physicality of thought, emotion and energy. 6# becomes ??? – I have not had the time / knowledge to work out the implications for the other perspectives, but I hope this enough to make my point.

I think this makes the map work better, resonating more fully with my experience.

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