Apart from three years living in London in my later teens and some time spent travelling, I lived in the Sevenoaks area most of my life. We moved here to Withyham in East Sussex in the Summer of 2011. I’m married with two older children.

I started my working life making jewellery in 1972 and over the years became a skilled craftsman which then turned into running various jewellery manufacturing businesses, which I enjoyed developing. I closed my last business in 2006 after some eighteen years (where I employed up to fifteen people). It was tough combining running the business, in what was an increasingly competitive environment, with my therapy training which I’d started in 1999. I’d hoped to keep both going, but in the end I had to make choice, and I’d been working in the business too hard for long enough and my deeper interest was in my new life as a counsellor and psychotherapist.

Since being a troubled teenager I have been trying to understand myself and what life means. I looked into various approaches over the years, including many years involved in the Gurdjieff ‘Work’ in London. In 1986, aged 33, I started my own psychotherapy and found it wonderfully liberating. What a relief it was to at last understand what had been driving me to be the dysfunctional way I was. I’d chosen a Gestalt therapist because it was that modality that most sense to me and I soon knew that this was a direction that I wanted to train in. However, due to family and business commitments it was not until 1999 that I managed to start the daunting journey of becoming a psychotherapist.

I then spent over ten years studying part time for an MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy at The Gestalt Centre in London. My dissertation was an exploration of the relationship between Gestalt therapy and the Spiritual dimensions of life, an area that is still at the heart of my interest.

I started practicing in 2001, and started my own therapy practice in 2004, became a BACP accredited counsellor and psychotherapist in 2009, a UKAHPP accredited psychotherapist in 2012 and a UKCP registered Psychotherapist in 2013.

The end of my MA training at The Gestalt Centre, London was very difficult. They repeatedly refused to pass the last part of the final piece of work (I had passed all the previous sections including the group-work component and dissertation), so, in the end I was only awarded a post-graduate diploma, rather than an MA. Those difficulties and the rejection, were an important part of my journey, for which in many ways I am grateful. It enabled me to face the ‘victim’ part of myself very deeply, which was painful, but wonderfully liberating. I was able to find a new level of freedom and independence. Subsequently my ‘competence’ was endorsed by other accrediting organisations.

For all the irony involved, it has become very clear from numerous psychotherapy trainee stories over the years, that therapy training institutions often have real problems in walking their talk and coping with difference. Please see Paul Barber’s fascinating article about this if you are interested to read further.

I hope that you find this website useful and if you require any further information about my Psychotherapy or Counselling or Marriage / Couples Counselling services please do contact me.

I have a Diploma in Supervision from The Link Centre, who are now based in Plumpton, East Sussex.