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Welcome to my website. I hope it provides you with a useful overview of my Counselling & Psychotherapy practice, here in Withyham, East Sussex UK.

If you are new to therapy please visit the “New Client Information” page for details of my practice.
I am an experienced Marriage / Couples Counsellor
I am also a Supervisor for other therapists.
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My training was in Gestalt Therapy, which is still to me the original ‘integrative’ approach. It integrates; deepening our awareness and understanding of our feelings, understanding and processing the past unreconciled trauma that still configures our present relationship to our lives, along with importantly developing awareness of our body, its role in healing our trauma and integrating ourselves. The aim is to suport you in two related ways, to increase your self-awareness and self-understanding, along with helping you to face, and take ever greater responsibility for, yourself. The journey is away from being a victim (which we all are, to some extent) towards a more choiceful life. This needs us to integrate our heart, head and body in the holistic process of our healing and development, towards becoming our “authentic” selves, where we can understand our purpose and the meaning of our lives.

For more detailed explanations of my approach and perspective on therapy please see the Therapy page, the About Gestalt, and the Psycho-Spiritual Development pages.

For information on the various forms that our ‘problems’ take, and my approach to them, please see the following pages – each has its own downloadable leaflet.
Depression / Anxiety,   Addiction    Trauma, Abuse, PTSD    Illness / Bereavement      Weight Loss    Smoking

For information about myself and my training – the Biography page
For comments from previous clients please see the Comments page
For information on groups and workshops – on the Groups page

I trust you find the website interesting and useful. I have tried to share my understanding and enthusiasm for this psycho-spiritual form of therapy and personal development.

I have been practicing since 2001, am a BACP accredited Counsellor & Psychotherapist, a UKAHPP and UKCP accredited Psychotherapist.

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