Welcome to my website. It gives information about my Psychotherapy & Counselling practice. For Counselling in Tunbridge Wells, Counselling in Tonbridge, Counselling in East Grinstead and Counselling in Crowborough areas of the UK, please do contact me.

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My practice here in Withyham is –
5 minutes from Groombridge and Hartfield,
10 mins from Crowborough, Forest Row and Edenbridge,
20 mins from Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, East Grinstead, Uckfield,
30 mins from Sevenoaks, Haywards Heath and Heathfield.

I am also an experienced Marriage / Couples / Relationship Counsellor and Supervisor.
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My main theoretical background was in Gestalt Therapy, which is to me the original ‘integrative’ approach. It integrates the understanding of how our past forced us to adjust ourselves, how we split the connections between our head , heart and body to maintain those ways of being and how it is through repairing these connections that we heal. If we want to get free of the web of unaware motivations and reactions that restrict us, our healing and development needs us to both “grow up” and “wake up”. This is about finding our freedom, our joy, our satisfaction and spontaneity through living ever closer to the extraordinary reality that is our ‘here and now’. The name emerging for this approach to therapy is “Psycho-Spiritual Therapy”, or “Integral Therapy”.

Throughout this website I have tried to share my understanding and enthusiasm for this form of therapy. It has a clear understanding of the processes of change and development through deepening our self-awareness and taking responsibility for ourselves. Therapy supports us to re-connect with our deep innate wisdom, in the end it is only you who can can know your truth and heal yourself, but we need both support and challenge to help on this journey towards our freedom. If you are new to therapy please visit the “New Client Information” page to find out more about my practice and how I may help you. I hope find the website interesting and useful.

I have been practicing since 2001, am a BACP accredited Counsellor & Psychotherapist, an UKAHPP accredited Psychotherapist and a UKCP registered Psychotherapist.

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