“I consulted Jim when my marriage broke down last year. This was a huge shock and totally unexpected.    Jim helped me to come to terms with what had happened, to face my anger and hurt and to examine my own feelings and to deal with the situation rationally and calmly. Jim helped me to understand how I had in fact contributed to the marriage breakdown itself. As a result I was able to accept my feelings and start to share them honestly with my husband.     My husband and I decided to try and work things out and attended joint counselling together. We were able to talk about our problems in a calm, honest and open environment and Jim gave us excellent advice. In time we began to see each other in a new light and our marriage became stronger and we regained the trust in each other we had lost.   Throughout our sessions we found Jim to be understanding and honest. He helped us to understanding our feelings and to recognise where we had gone wrong. We both feel stronger as people and have successfully managed to change our lives and ourselves for the better.     We thoroughly recommend Jim, he is a superb counsellor.”
L & C

“It is hard to think back to how I felt several months ago when I sought out Jim for help. I am in such a different place now largely thanks to him. I will be married 10 years this year and we have 3 young children. Although we love each other deeply and even through all the difficult times that was not  in question, we found ourselves stuck in a place that was making us both miserable. Our arguments would always devolve to the same issues. Neither of us felt we were getting the support and recognition we needed from the other. Jim helped us to understand ourselves better, so that we could understand each other better which helped us to get to the place of feeling the needs fulfilled. He has helped us in ways I was not expecting when we first approached him. I miss our sessions with his calm reflection and guidance in our deep and emotional communication between ourselves. I believe any couple could benefit from his facilitation to deeper understanding of oneself and each other and would highly recommend him.”
C & G

I found talking through things in therapy a great help as I have battled with depression because of a troubled family life and personal relationships due to domestic abuse. I felt really at ease and able to talk about my feelings which had been bottled up for a very long time. Now I am now much more aware of my inner self and my emotions because I was able to talk about many issues which have been a burden on my life. I would always recommend counselling to people as I have found it the most effective way to help me get over life’s obstacles.”

“Jim is a very compassionate, understanding and caring therapist. I hesitated to see a male therapist as I was concerned that my feelings as a woman will not be properly understood, but I was very pleasantly surprised how much Jim could understand me and really felt the pain I was going through. I had recently lost both my parents, I was struggling in a long term relationship, I was living in a place which I did not like and my job was coming to an end, so basically my life was in a real mess!
Thanks to Jim’s help, support and compassion I could see more clearly what I needed to do in order to sort out all the difficult issues I was confronted with. Jim has provided above all a safe space for me to cry, express my painful feelings in total trust and acceptance and also in a very calming and beautiful surrounding of his therapy room.
I can recommend Jim to anyone who has difficulties in expressing and understanding their feelings. and who requires a compassionate, interactive therapist with a soothing voice and nature.”