Gestalt Therapy Group for Tunbridge Wells to East Grinstead.

Fortnightly on Wednesday evenings 7.30 – 9.30 here in Withyham
2017 Dates – 14th & 28th June, three weeks to 19th July, then 2nd Aug. (unsure at present about August holidays, will clarify later)
For pdf of A5 flyer for this group click here.

I also have interest in another group on a Tuesday or Thursday evening on the alternate weeks that the above group runs. It could start on the 1st March with sufficient numbers.


Groups are a wonderful way to explore those aspects of ourselves that one to one therapy finds difficult to reach. They are obviously a bit more challenging in terms of coping with our reactions to other people along with their needs and reactions.

My aim, and experience, is around providing a safe environment and one that enables us to slows down our normal reactions sufficiently to be able to explore in depth what is going on in our here and now experience.

It is in relationship with others that it is possible to see how many of our reactions come from unaware parts of ourselves that we have yet to attend to. Through this we can experiment with, develop and refine our relational abilities, as well as get to know and understand ourselves better.

“When a person fully appreciates where they are now, and attends to what they are doing in the moment and grasps how they are structuring their life – my experience suggests they are changed and options open up before them.” (Paul Barber 2006)

This is not a ‘drop in group’ which means that there is an expectation that members will be there regularly. This type of group needs commitment to make it work.