For fees and practicalities please see the New Life Coaching Clients page.

Personal or Life Coaching is about finding our inspiration, passion and direction. It focuses on clarifying our understanding of what you want, and value in your life, and how this fits with your broader aims and goals.

If you are uncertain or confused about what you want from life and how to find the satisfaction you long for, then a few sessions of coaching might well help. It aims at the clarity that comes from seeing past our “shoulds” and connecting to what we really want for ourselves.

Coaching is not the “in depth” exploration of our emotional self that characterises therapy; and although it sometimes moves towards this, it is an important part of a coaches role to keep this boundary clear and choiceful, which is something, as a therapist, I can be clear about. Plus, as a experienced counsellor, I am also able to accommodate the move into counselling if that becomes what you want.

The aim in coaching is increased clarity about what we want and the direction needed to get there. This can be in terms of  ‘inner’ or ‘outer’ goals, but the fundamental point is to understand ourselves better. For this we often need time and space to review our lives and what is important to us, and having a supportive, non-judgmental space in which to do this can empower you to find the clarification of and commitment towards goals that have more meaning for you. We can re-connect with our inspiration and passion for what we really value most in life.

Coaching is not so focused on understanding our past, as therapy. It is still though about understanding ourselves, increasing our level of integration and awareness. So to me, the same Gestalt principles apply to the process of coaching, as to therapy, those of here and now engagement to increase self-awareness and self-responsibility through phenomenological exploration, connecting up our heart, head and body, all in support of knowing who and what we are more fully.

Confusion about our direction is usually due to the different messages we get from our head and our heart, which is all about our “oughts” and “shoulds”. Re-valuing and re-assessing these is essential if we going to find the clarity to support us in creating the life we want. This mending of the split between head and heart happens through bringing new attention and awareness to this area of our life. Integration with the body is also an important part of this process, it enables us to ground and evaluate our experience.

Simply having time and space to talk through our concerns and confusions can be enormously helpful. “Chewing things over” can bring an understanding of the needs involved together with a new sense of perspective. This process is about helping you to discover your answers, only you can you can know yourself.

So if you are looking to increase your confidence, develop your relationships, clarify your direction in life, search for your goals, define your meaning, please contact me.