The idea with this group is to meet, as and when we can, on a Saturday morning for 3 hrs from 10.00 – 1.00   Cost is £25. The plan is that when a min of three members can agree on a date and commit to paying to paying the £25, come what may, we can go ahead with the group. If there are more than three it means there is some more flexibility.

This group is designed as a space for therapists to get support. Often we are short on support and need space to process our issues in a creative and non-judgemental environment.

Gestalt is concerned with exploring the here and now, what is right in front of us, and for this work we need a balance of support and challenge. The support of acceptance and relationship as well as the opening to new awareness, which, through integration expands our self-knowledge, understanding and being, on our journey of reconciliation and development. Every support can also be a challenge and every challenge a support.

The here and now always has enormous depth, it is complex and multi-dimensional; there is the personal, the relational and group process, as well as the cultural ground we are each embedded in. There are the emotional, intellectual, energetic and spiritual dimensions to every aspect, all of which can usefully be explored. The past and future also cast their important shadows which need our awareness. There is always the question of where we are on our journey and what our growing edge is.

Exploring ‘what is’ in a group can uniquely deepen our awareness of our needs, help us see more of what’s in the way of our ability to live closer to the here and now, and support work on reconciling some of the “unfinished business” that gets in the way of our ability to ‘be’. It can provide us with useful feedback from others as well as the privilege of participating in others journeys. It can support our understanding of our place in the world and what it all means.

For more information please phone or email.


I have some interest in a group on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning, so please do let me know if this time would suit you better. Thank you.