For an overview of all the different types of Counselling and Psychotherapy see BACP descriptions on their website.

For a brief description of my psycho-spiritual approach to psychotherapy click here, for more information about the Gestalt approach please see my “About Gestalt” page and related articles. I think there is a continuing general convergence and integration going on between the many different therapy modalities, which is only sensible as we are all human beings, after all. If you would like to contact me regarding booking an appointment please go to the Contacting Me page. I do offer therapy via Skype.    Thank you.

FAQ’s for clients new to therapy
Does therapy help?
How to choose a therapist?
What happens in therapy?
How long does it take?
How much does it cost? – Fees
Confidentiality & Ethics

Does therapy help?
Counselling and psychotherapy can help with depression, anxiety, negative feelings, stress, anger, past abuse, trauma, addictions, compulsions, eating disorders, grief & bereavement, personal development, loss of meaning, relationship difficulties and so on. Research continues to affirm the effectiveness of therapy (Mick Cooper 2008) as well as how this needs a good relationship between client and therapist.

I have seen many people over the years, both for short term counselling and longer term psychotherapy. But, no matter how good the therapist, there are no guarantees of success. All the outcome studies show that this needs the relationship to work. If trust and respect develops between client and therapist, change is possible. In my experience, even as a minimum, having some time and space to give attention to ourselves and what is going on in our lives, can always be helpful.

How to choose a therapist?
This can be a daunting task and it can be really helpful if you have time and money, to try out a few different people, to give yourself choice. Trust your intuition and gut sense about who is best for you. This is about what you want from therapy and choosing who you think can supply that the best. Only you can know yourself, keep in mind your right to be treated with respect.

What happens in a session?
I work from home and have various appointment times available during the day and evening. I work weekly, especially to start with. The first session is for both of us to make an assessment about whether or not to proceed further. Do you want to work with me? I am the right person to work with you? If we choose to continue we need to decide on what basis to do so and an idea of the aims involved. At the beginning most people talk about their concerns and current experience, their wishes and expectations. Often, being worried about what is happening inside us is an urgent issue and starting to understanding that we are not “mad” or “bad” can be a relief. I work in a relational way where we have a two way exploratory dialogue aimed at supporting you to become more aware of yourself, of what is going on and how it is happening. The aim is greater self knowledge and greater choice.

It is through increased awareness of our, often avoided or pushed aside feelings of hurt, pain or distress that we can start to understand ourselves better. Through seeing and understanding how we are stuck, and how, in the end, only I am the authors of my own life, we naturally heal. Just as our bodies are powerfully self-healing. With more awareness we can start to resolve our conflicts and integrate ourselves; our heart, head and body can connect more deeply into a new, stronger, wholeness.

How long will it take?
It is hard to know in advance, being a journey into the unknown. There are certain difficulties such as unacknowledged grief, which can sometimes be worked through quite quickly, over a period of a few weeks. Those issues connected with lifelong entrenched habitual ways of being, often need a long time. And there are all the stages in between. No ‘one size fits all’ approach allows for the fact that everyone is different, with different needs and wishes and goals.

How much does it cost? – Fees
Fees – for individuals between £35 – £65 for 60 mins. For couples £50 – £80 for 75 minutes. When possible, I try to accommodate for people’s different financial circumstances and we then need to agree a fee.
I’m afraid that I do “usually” charge for cancelled appointments. I say “usually” because if it is “an act of God”, as it were, that gets in the way, I don’t charge. This creates a grey area which can be difficult, but I work with that. I restrict the number of clients I see, which keeps me healthy as well as fresh for my clients, but this means that cancelled sessions are more of a problem for me.

Confidentiality & Codes of Ethics
I am committed to upholding the UKAHPP, BACP and UKCP codes of ethics. These include many aspects of my responsibilities towards my clients including maintaining strict confidentiality, in all but the most extreme situations. You are most welcome to look up these codes via the links on the Professional Links page.

Click here for Pdf of “My Practice Notes Form
I ask new clients to sign this form. It is open to being changed to whatever we agree it to be. It includes details of my policy for cancelled sessions.

If you are looking for counselling in Tunbridge Wells to East Grinstead areas please do contact me.

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