I work from my home here in Withyham and have various appointment times available during the day and evening. If you interested in Life Coaching in Tunbridge Wells or East Grinstead areas please do contact me.

I work weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit the client’s requirements. The same is true of the length of the session, between one and two hours dependent on what is required and the regularity. The first hour session is for both of us to make an assessment about whether or not to proceed further, I do charge for the first session. If we choose to continue we then need to decide on what basis to do so and an idea of the aims involved.

How long will it take?
This depends very much on what is wanted, from a one-off session to an ongoing regular meeting to support continuing personal development.

How much does it cost? I charge £50 – £85 an hour, depending on your circumstances.

Confidentiality & Codes of Ethics
I am committed to upholding the BACP and UKCP codes of ethics. These include many aspects of my responsibilities towards my clients including maintaining strict confidentiality, in all but the most extreme situations. You are most welcome to look up these codes via the links in the “Links” page.