Good therapy and especially good Gestalt Therapy, is scientific. This is because it is an open exploration of “what is”, we are simply trying to look at what is there, like any good scientist. The difficulty is that what we are trying to see, is often out of awareness to varying degrees.

Each of us has an enormous innate wisdom, but this wisdom is curtailed by the way that we split ourselves up, we lack connections between our head, heart and body. We often are too busy to really think, often ignore our bodies and we often don’t know what we are feelings. If we can get to know and use and combine the three basic parts of ourselves, head, heart and body, our innate wisdom can much more easily gather the information it needs for us to resolve the difficulties we face in living with ourselves, our partners and the often pretty ‘mad’ world we inhabit.

Our innate wisdom knows what is true and what is false, all it needs is new ‘data’ and we get that by becoming more aware of ourselves, our bodies, our thought, and especially in our western cultures, from looking deeply at our feelings. So often we have learnt to close down our feelings and shut them behind some internal door, usually as part of a survival strategy from when we were young.

So therapy is often very simply a gentle support to the process of becoming more aware of what we are feeling. The emphasis can be slightly different at times in being more about giving permission for the feelings to be accepted. However at any one time, our feelings are usually a complex layered structure, from recent surface concerns, to those that relate to the deep historic formative structures of the self. But the wonderful thing about our innate wisdom is that we don’t need to ‘do’ anything, as in controlling the process, all we need to do is look. Once, more information becomes available, the self processes it into the best meaningful whole it can at that time, it is an ongoing process. As we digest more, we undo the splits between head, heart and body and therefore have more self-support to digest what was too difficult before; and so we are embarked on our unfolding and never ending journey of making meaning of our lives.

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