Just read about a pupil who hanged himself in his School grounds. Such pain! A school counsellor I knew was recently sacked after many wonderful years of service, without enough time to finish with her existing clients and she died very shortly afterwards. I was already feeling upset at how schools are reacting to the pressures on them by becoming ever more authoritarian children processing factories, obsessed with results and money at the expense of their teachers and pupils humanity.

How have we created this situation where power and control is so much more important than the holistic development of our children? How is it that schools have so little love in them? For all those involved, pupils, support staff and teachers. It is horrendous madness and no one is saying it loud enough!

Everyone is buying into some hypnotic fear around league tables, around material wealth as the ultimate aim, around global competition and limited resources. If we really had the health and welfare and holistic education of our children at the centre of our vision, it would all surely be very different.

As previous post … schools need to model the behaviour that they want to see, they need to become deeply democratic institutions where staff and pupils are involved in running them. Only this can show the level of mutual respect, that reflects the respect for others, we want our children to embody. All they are learning at present is about suffering power and control and they will no doubt pass this onto whatever part of society they end up occupying as adults, exerting their own power and control as much as they can (including over their own children), or carrying on resentfully trying to undermine that of others. We generally do to others what was done to us. This is despite all the hypocritical bull-shit that is spouted around our education system.

Surely we can start to treat children and teachers as human beings first and foremost. It is as though schools are stuck in the nineteenth century with a view of humanity that sees people as bad and that they have to be forced into being good. Talk about squashing creativity, squashing love! The loss of so much potential is heart breaking!

We need to trust human nature, respect each other, to know that we are naturally all doing our best. We need to work on resolving the traumas that create the negative compensatory behaviours we all have (which we then misinterpret as ‘badness’) and which get in the way of our creativity, love and innate goodness. The world needs us to emotionally educate our children, not force them into some out of date, insane and narrow minded mould.

Surely if there is anything in the world that should be a joy, it is teaching and learning, yet we have turned it into a nightmare. It does not have to be like this.

Jim Robinson Dec 2013

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