My latest article is a reflection on the recent US election and from there the need for the left generally to broaden its appeal so as to avoid a repetition of the recent upsurge in right wing authoritarian governments. I argue that the left needs a new base, which one, understands the psychology of trauma and how this is the root of all our fear, negativity and gullibility, and two, that sees that the most important and meaningful aspects of human nature comes from the “transpersonal” or “spiritual” dimension of our experience.

We relate to the world on the personal level through our heart (feeling), head (thinking) and body (sensation) and we can be in connection to the “transpersonal” level through our heart’s opening to unconditional Love, by becoming aware of our awareness glimpsing the extraordinary fact of our human Consciousness and ability to understand, and of course through our body’s ability to experience and embody the Energy of Life. It is these aspects of our experience that enable us to understand that we are not seperate, that I am you and you are me. When this is clear the politics of Capitalism, whatever version of it you look at, becomes untenable. We need to let go of our obsession with money, wealth and power and find a new base that values what people really value, the connection to Love, to Consciousness, to the “here and now”, to freedom

I hope you find the article interesting and useful


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