In this piece I want, as promised in Part 1, to explore the transpersonal dimension of our nature. To look into the nature of our “spiritual” experience, our “ground of being”, and how we embody the Transpersonal on our journey through “stages” and “states”. The planned section reviewing the traps and pitfalls along the way, will have wait for Part 3. 

The first basic piece of clarity that I want to share is the understanding that we have both personal and transpersonal dimensions to our being, and that the transpersonal is impersonal. It is the part of us that is connected to what is beyond the personal, it is about our connection to the unknowable “Whole”, to “God”, to the “Ocean of Being”, and a lifetime of self-reflection and inquiry has convinced me that this Whole has three facets, Consciousness, Love, and the Energy of Life.

At what point in our in-utero development do we acquire personal traits? Who knows! But It seems clear … to continue please click here

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