Today is the 19th April 2022 and I have just finished a piece on Ukraine and how I see the situation and what needs to happen next. Every day the picture changes and evolves, so in a few days who knows what it will all look like. But I do try and tie it all together with some relevant psychological and developmental themes. I hope you find it useful / interesting.

“I agree with Zelensky when he argues that “Russia’s aggression targets all of Europe” (BBC 10th April). I would go further and say that it threatens liberal democracy worldwide, and even further, that this is a battle for freedom, for the freedom to have meaningful relationships on all levels, rather than relationships dominated by power. It is a battle for Consciousness and Love against the forces of alienation, repression, imprisonment, brutality, and the profoundly negative pull of those unconscious forces, with roots in trauma, that would rather destroy the world than face the repressed pain. The only way to stop a bully is to put up a powerful enough boundary that says No!

NATO has been and is being, a coward” … click here to continue

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