Groups are a powerful and dynamic way of working, providing a greater degree of challenge and support than one to one therapy. They enable us to become more aware of our reactions to others and the habitual patterns of behaviour that limit our ability to have satisfactory relationships. They can be more effective in supporting this awareness than almost any other situation due to the dynamic variety and diversity of reactions and resources available. Groups are also powerful because of the way that people’s energy can combine, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

From my practice here in Withyham I am hoping to set up some groups and workshops. Weekly, fortnightly, monthly experiential therapy groups for self exploration through using our here and now awareness of ourselves and how we relate to others, looking at what our needs are and how they relate to the meaning of our lives.

I hope, specifically, to run some workshops on the theme of exploring the relationship between our psychological and spiritual needs / experience, and how they relate to each other. Exploring the paradox that we live with every day, between ‘doing’ and ‘being’.

Therapist Support Group
Click here for information about monthly therapist support group

Fortnightly Gestalt Therapy Group (Tunbridge Wells to East Grinstead)
7.30 – 9.30 p.m. on Wednesday evening. This personal development group is open to those with some experience of therapy. Click here to see more information

Bi-Monthly Saturday Gestalt Group
This group is on hold for the moment

Men’s Therapy Group (Tunbridge Wells to East Grinstead)
I would also still like to set up a men’s therapy group  with more emphasis on the particular difficulties us men face in understanding ourselves. Helping to understand how we have absorbed society’s imperatives for us to ‘competent’ adults and how shame is such a strong underlying feature of our psyche.


If you are interested in participating in a group pleased do get in touch.