What a Year!

Syria, the migrant crisis, France’s terror attacks, Brexit, Turkey, Trump, Italy, Aleppo, all against the background of our climate’s inexorable warming and the increase in inequality in many parts of the world, makes for quite a year. The later seems to be partly emanating from the nature of capitalism and how the wealthy have benefited… Read More

US Election

So, why did so many white working class men vote for Trump? Why did so many women vote for Trump? To me this is same question as why so of those who suffered the deprivation and abuse go onto perpetrate it. It is the same reason that those who have been treated harshly and in… Read More

Therapy for Weight Loss

Yesterday (13th October) the BBC’s “You & Yours” Radio 4 program had a section on  the success of therapy for those wanting to lose weight.  It was a clear endorsement of therapy’s effectiveness in the long term, which is the “gold standard” for Weight Loss methods. All other methods have incredibly high long term failure… Read More

Therapy is Scientific

Good therapy and especially good Gestalt Therapy, is scientific. This is because it is an open exploration of “what is”, we are simply trying to look at what is there, like any good scientist. The difficulty is that what we are trying to see, is often out of awareness to varying degrees.